Scott Heijerman (2023)
thesis: Addition of torso musculature to a simplified musculoskeletal model for 2D predictive simulation of the sit-to-walk movement

Jan Heinen (2022)
thesis: Optimal Skateboard Geometry for Maximizing Ollie Height: a Multi-Phase Direct Collocation Optimization Study

Carlijn Claassen (2022)
thesis: Measuring fall risk of the elderly with IMU sensors by developing a Convolutional Neural Network

Nihar Sabnis (2021)
thesis: Pseudo forces from asymmetric vibrations can provide movement guidance.

Maud Hendriksen (2021)
thesis: Musculoskeletal Modelling of Three Sit-to-Stand Strategies in Elderly People

Janna Worp (2021)
thesis: Do the elderly use thigh push off in sit-to-stand to compensate for a lack of stability?